Monday, May 05, 2008

Busy Week

This week finds me preparing for a couple of artwalks. There's not a ton to do but it's still a matter of choosing the right art to display. Luckily, Wednesday nights gig in Wallingford is taken care of. I just have to get Friday's show in Greenwood ready. I'm also supposed to be involved in the Edmonds artwalk on the 15th but I have yet to get any follow up info. Here's hoping I hear from someone this week.
This Friday night our church is having a big party for Celebrate Recovery, a program for folks with addictions. Midlife Chrysler is playing and it will be the first time I've lead worship in many a year.
Sarah is busy getting the next show up and her tech week starts on Friday night. Like I said, a busy time for both of us.

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