Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marty and Mickey Sit Outside

I came home from work today with the intention of being disciplined and making art. I didn't end up doing that. First, I made tuna salad because it will be good for a quick dinner (I have band practice tonight) and I wanted to give our cat Mickey the tuna juice as a treat. He hasn't been eating well of late. After I made sure my quick dinner was ready, I decided to spend some time on the balcony with Mickey. He loves to sit outside. You can tell he's just loving it by the way he smells every smell and lets the breeze hit his face. Eventually he finds a warmish, shady spot and snoozes. Sarah does this with him alot. I don't. Today I felt guilty about it so I decided to give my afternoon to him. I took the book Jim and Caspar Go to Church out there with me and ended up reading two-thirds of it. I won't review it here since I'm not finished but it's an interesting read with some annoying things about it. A full review will be forthcoming.
So, there we sat from around 2 until 5. Although it's not something I would do everyday it was a nice change of pace. And Mickey enjoyed it very much.

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