Sunday, August 12, 2007


Last night, Sarah and I attended Cabaretlook at NW Church. Cabaretlook is the senior project of Daniel Berryman and Miriam Schwartz. If I'm not mistaken, for one year they are presenting a night of music once a month to sponsor children through the Christian Relief Fund. That's pretty amazing considering that when I was a senior in high school the only thing I raised money for was me. They've been very successful so far and I'm sure they will continue to succeed. The entertainment was fantastic. Daniel lined up some talented friends from Roosevelt High School and they just blew us away. These young people are far and away more talented than your average high school students. Don't believe me? Go to their website and watch the videos.
Sarah and I will continue to support Cabaretlook as long as our schedules allow. It's a great night of hanging out with friends and listening to some great music.
Now, if only they would serve me up a slice of cheesecake...ah...heaven!

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