Monday, October 29, 2007

Groovelily: Striking 12

Last night, Sarah and I travelled to Tacoma to see Groovelily perform their show Striking 12. It's the 4th time I have seen them but the first time seeing this particular show. The first 3 times I saw them they were more like concerts...just performing individual songs. Somewhere along the way, GL began venturing into the world of musical theatre. (Thanks, no doubt, to Brendan's education in...GASP...musical theatre!) Striking 12 is, I believe, the first show they developed. The story revolves around a grumpy guy refusing to party on New Year's Eve, a girl selling lightbulbs, and Hans Christian Andersen's Little Match Girl. It's an amazing show. If you have a chance to see it, don't hesitate. If all you can do is buy the CD and listen to it, do it. Do it now! It's worth it!
Since our friend Debbie was attending the show with us, we met her and ate dinner with her and her husband Jeff. We ate at a Thai place called Wild Orchid. It was very good! We then dropped Jeff off and picked up Deb's friend Ed since he was the one actually going to the show. We arrived at the theatre only to find that someone had picked up my tickets which were under my name. It all worked out in the end since we didn't want to be in the front row anyway. Sarah and Debbie had done a show at the theatre and the front row is way too close to the stage. So, we ended up 4th row center. Very nice. We looked for the people who had nabbed my tickets but they weren't sitting in the front row. Darn. I was gonna bean them on the head with Ed's gigantic belt buckle. That thing was as big as a hubcap.
The show went on and we had a great time. The band was in top form and I think we all held a smile on our face throughout the evening. They are such talented folks. I'm so glad they are doing well.
After the show, they did a drawing for a free CD. We didn't win. We decided to hang out and talk to the band a bit. Debbie wanted to talk to them about the licensing of the show for theatres to mount their own productions. We're hoping Taproot will become interested. We chatted with Val and Gene for a few minutes and then headed out.
They are going to be doing the show in Seattle in December. (more info on their website) I'm not sure if we can go but we might try. We're big fans and it's a great show.

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