Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Small World After All

Last night, Sarah and I finally got to go to the The Kindlings Muse, a radioshow/podcast that's recorded live at a restaurant nearby. Our friend Jeff Berryman was on the panel for a discussion of the life of "The Artist's Life." It was a good discussion in a good atmosphere with high-priced mediocre quality food. We sat with Jeff's wife Anjie and Candice, wife of Sam who was also on the panel. The last panelist was filmmaker Rick Stevenson whose latest film Expiration Date sounds intriguing.
As we were waiting for it to start, I turned and saw our friend Nikki entering with a guy that looked more than familiar. About that time, our friend and coworker Laurel came over and since she was sitting with Nikki I asked her if she knew if the guy's name was Jay. She said she would find out. Eventually she turned and nodded that his name was indeed Jay. Knowing for sure who he was then, I proceeded to the table. Nikki hugged me and started to introduce me to him when I turned and said, "This is Jay." I then looked at him and asked if he remembered me. It took him a second but he finally figured it out. We worked together at Summersalt youth camp in SC about 10 years ago. It totally freaked me out to see someone from my past way out here in Seattle. That hasn't happened to me yet.
As it turns out, he works at the church Nikki goes to as a pastoral intern. The show started so I went back to my table but I caught up with him afterward to catch up a bit more. I'm hoping we can have him to dinner and to see a show at Taproot sometime.
Another cool thing about the night was talking to Anjie and Candice between segments. We all talked about the artist's life and Anjie was so sweet to say that she admired Sarah and I for following our hearts and pursuing the life of the artist. It's nice to hear that sometimes because the life of the artist is quite different. We are, more often than not, tired, frustrated and broke. But when you feel deep down inside that it's the only thing you were born to do, you've got to do it. If you don't, you're opening up a long path of miserable days. Believe me. I've been down that path already.
So, financially set and miserable with your vocation or financially struggling and happy with your vocation. I have to choose the latter.

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