Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Well, all the speculation and wondering is at an end...sort of. Our pastor resigned this morning. He is taking a position at a church in Amarillo, TX where he will also be doing work with Christian Relief Fund. He's been at NW Church for 29 years so, needless to say, there were some tears.
For the past several months, he's been on sabbatical for health and personal reasons. During that time, there have been letters read from the pulpit, wondering whispers and perhaps even more than a little gossip. Sarah and I have not been in the loop and still pretty much feel like newcomers. We've gleaned info from here and there, mostly so Sarah could pray for the situation. (it's one of her gifts) Without causing a stir, I finally found the answers I was seeking just the other night. My concern was fairly selfish. I have been through alot of crap in the church and don't really want to go through anymore right now. My only selfless concern was to make sure that the ministers affected were being treated well. Too many times I have seen people thrown out on their ear and treated like dirt. I myself have been in that position so I'm pretty sensitive about it. My fears were laid to rest somewhat. Most of my questions hinged on trust issues. We are so new to the church we have no idea if the leadership of the church can be trusted to do the right thing. I was told that they could be. I trust the source of this info so I feel better about the situation now.
To add to the mix, our youth minister and worship leader have also resigned in the past month so we are going to be down 3 staff positions for who knows how long. I'm sure many are concerned for the future of the church. I am also...just a bit. But the sense that I get about the situation from watching and listening is that the intitial transition time will be difficult but the end result is going to be positive. I truly hope so. Sarah and I looked for a church for a long time. I don't want to have to look again.
Truth be told, there's not much out there to choose from.

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Cassie said...

"The purpose of pruning is to shape the plant by controlling or directing plant growth, to maintain the health of the plant, or to increase the yield or quality of flowers and fruits." Wikipedia

I believe that God is pruning us. He has a specific purpose in mind for this congregation and is orchestrating things in order to achieve that purpose.

While the pruning process is painful, the end result will be worth waiting for.

It is an issue of trust, Marty. Trust that the Master Gardener knows what He's doing, and that it's ultimately for our good.