Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Boots or Booty?
"Jessica Simpson is a ho - ee - i - ee - ooooooo!" Wow, she's come a long way from teeny bopper Christian singer. When I was with The Company, she was on program with us at the Texas Youth Evangelism Conference. She was thirteen and was doing the Christian circuit. Seemed like a little diva to me running around with her entourage of thirteen year old girls. She would stick her butt out when she sang. I guess that part of her hasn't changed. Have you seen the "Boots Are Made For Walking" video? Man! Yes, she has changed. From little Christian wannabe sexpot to full blown pop ho. Well, God Bless America! Land where even a young Christian girl with a prominent backside can make it big. Hope everyone remembers you among all the Xtina's and Jlo's and Brittany's running around out there. (I'm just jealous of her success...really. If I had a prominent backside, I might too be making videos and starring in a remake of an old TV show...except mine would be Andy Griffith. I figure I could make Ernest T. Bass into a sex symbol. It could happen.)

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