Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Greenwood Seafair Parade Part Deux

Well, Sarah and I have accomplished our duties as emcees of the parade. It was fairly simple, once we got the hang of things. Basically, I just let the cheesy dialogue flow like wine and Sarah milked the crowd and let some of the parade participants have their say. One lady hogged the mic and held up the parade for a few moments. A couple of guys kissed her, one was a "cowboy" and the other, a "pirate." It was goofy. One of the pirates stole my mic and made his own commentary which was fine with me because, at the time, I was trying to scarf down a slice of pizza. Another pirate tried to steal the box of trophies and the lady on the platform bit him. Pretty crazy stuff. Afterward, we gave out the trophies and this was the highlight for the drill teams. They ate it up. All in all, a good experience and made a little money to boot. Sarah and I are going to use the bucks for a nice date for ourselves...the zoo or something like that.

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