Friday, July 29, 2005


Somebody egged my car the other night while it was sitting out in front of Gary and Sheri's place. Honestly...who eggs cars in this day and age? Haven't there been any breakthroughs in pranksterisms since I was a kid. I guess the old standbys are still the best. I remember my youthful days (but mostly nights) filled with toilet papering houses, egging cars, breaking windows, mailboxing, etc. Heck, we were creative and even used tapioca pudding on occasion (when it was left over from Wed. night meals at the church). Toppling garbage cans, setting raked leaf piles on fire...these and other mischievous events were a staple in my day. Alas, I have grown up now and I am reduced to being the old man who stands on his porch and yells, "Get out of my yard, you dang kids!" Well, I would. If I had a yard.

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