Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Sick Kitty

Mickey's condition continues to be a mystery. He still won't eat his regular food but we've managed to get him to eat a bunch of treats many times a day. At this point the vet just says to get him to eat...anything. Sarah is trying to get an appointment for more tests...ultrasound and whatever else. I'm certain it's going to be expensive. Some people might balk at the expense and have the animal put to sleep. Sarah and I are not built like that. The only way we'll consider that is if Mickey's quality of life is going to be greatly diminished...if he is going to suffer in any way. Otherwise, we will do what we can and deal with the money issues as they come.
Sarah's two boys, Mickey and Max, have been with her a long time. They've only been my boys for a couple of years but I'm quite attached to them. When my cat Trinity died a couple of years ago, Max became my buddy. It's almost like he knew I had a loss and he was trying to help me. Mickey is entirely a mama's boy.
Remember us in your prayers and positive thoughts. Everyone in the family's been sick this year except for Sarah. She's worn out from trying to take care of all of us.
If you want to read more about Mickey from Sarah's POV, go here.

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Cassie said...

Sorry about the kitty! I know old age has caught up with him, but have you considered the food he has eaten as a possible culprit? I mean, with all the recalls this year....Just a thought I had.