Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ballard Art Walk

Last night, we ventured out to see Sarah's work at Secret Garden Bookstore in Ballard. We invited the arts group from church and Phyllis showed up so we wandered the other venues of Ballard. I've really enjoyed visiting BallardWorks and Sev Shoon these last two times. We also stopped by Monster Art and Clothing, a new, hip art boutique. To cap off the evening we stopped by Building C to see what was new with some of our fave local artists. They didn't disappoint. After that, Phyllis came over and we chatted away until bedtime. A fun evening.

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Anonymous said...

It was a blast guys!! It was so nice to meet your baby and see the creative space where it all happens. I have to say that the art and the walk was awesome but the company was the best thing the entire evening
. . . . . oh, except for that BEAUTIFUL moon!!!!!!!!!!

Here's to art and to artist!!