Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Worst Worship Ever?


Anonymous said...

John Tillman showed me this clip this past weekend and we were all cringing, especially over the "Jesus is a mounty" line. But he and I both agreed that sadly, if we had been around when this was performed, we would have probably thought it was great... back then.

Oh, the times, they are a-changin'

adam said...

you should send this to dad and tell him you have a suggestion from your praise band of something that would be great at his church...haha

becca said...

Yikes! LOL.
I don't know if I would've liked it back then. I remember this guy playing stuff for our youth group that just made me cringe. Wasn't too far off this.
Sometime in the early 80's mom walked us out of a worship service because of one of the songs a group sang. The music was so loud it was bothering her.
Remember, my parents are/were older than the average person my age. I grew up on hymns and classic music.
I'll never forget my first rock song! I LOVED it- "The eye of the tiger" a neighbor kid introduced it to me. Oh, man! I still love it. ;)