Sunday, September 14, 2008


I decided to take a couple of shots of my studio space. I inhabit the corner you see. The rest of the room is filled with my wife's work table, bookshelves, computer desk and closet. It's jam packed.
If you look closely next to the wastebasket you'll see a white and grey furball. That's our cat Mickey sleeping in the sun wherever he can find it. The second shot is a closeup of my pile of scraps...stuff I've cut out and piled for future use in my art.
One day I hope to have a larger studio. That is, as my wife says, the dream and the vision. Something to work towards.

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becca said...

very cool. I admit I'm jealous of your current work space!
Living with little ones doesn't allow me to leave anything out. My beading tray goes up on top of the tallest bookshelf at night, and I have a rolling cart that goes into the coat closet.