Monday, August 01, 2005

Pike Street Market

Sarah and I visited the Pike Street Market today. This is the place where they throw the fish. The picture to your left is quite serene compared to what we witnessed today. After driving downtown to the 5th Ave. Theater to pick up some costumes for an upcoming show at Taproot, Sarah and I decided to stay parked and walk a bit. We headed down Pike Street toward the water and there was the Market. It was packed today. I think every tourist in America was there today. Inside, the first thing we saw was the "fish throwers." Then we walked around a bit among the several floors of shops. On the main floor there is mostly produce, seafood and flowers. Pretty good prices on most. On nearly every corner there was a street musician. After about an hour, Sarah and I had had enough so we headed back to the jeep which we had parked 3 levels above Hell. I kid you not, this garage went down, down deep into the bowels of Seattle. I swear I could feel the flames of Hades lapping at my buttocks. The amazing thing was that after we left the garage, I was able to find my way out of downtown Seattle and back on 99 to get us back to Sarah's. Seattle is an interesting place, but I do not like the traffic.

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