Friday, June 09, 2006


Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth by Simon R. Green - The continuing adventures of John Taylor in the Nightside. His mother, Lilith, is on the warpath, trying to destroy the Nightside and reshape it to her vision. John must stop her or lose everything and everyone he's ever cared about.
I like these "Nightside" stories. They're simple but fun dark urban fantasy. They're short so they don't take too much time and the characters that fill the Nightside make me laugh. They're so outrageous. Serious literature this ain't. But fun. Did I say fun?
Superman/Batman: Generations II by John Byrne - Byrne is my favorite comic artist of all time. He breathed new life into the X-Men back in the 70's and those stories are the very model for everything that has come since. In this book, he spins alternate timeline stories about two of our favorite superheroes. Again, not great literature but a fun read. I read to rest my mind. I hate reading deep stuff all the time.
Julia Margaret Cameron's Women by Sylvia Wolf - I didn't have time to read all the text but I did peruse the photographs with great care. JMC is one of my favorite Victorian photographers. I really gravitated toward these in college and my love for them still lives. Sarah loves them too (She's a great big fan of Victorian stuff) These photos are quite beautiful. No airbrushing just lovely everyday women from that era. Really beautiful stuff. I hope to get this book out again some time because I would love to delve into the biographies of the different women that posed for JMC.

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