Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wine (and Doughnuts) in the Wilderness

Last night, after our requisite dinner at PF Chang's, Sarah and I attended a play at ACT (A Contemporary Theatre...cute, huh?) called "Wine in the Wilderness." Here's the synopsis.

Against the backdrop of a race riot, Bill, a college educated painter, gains insight into more than his art when he clashes with his working-class model over everything from food to politics. Written in 1969, this black classic tells a truthful, tender story of a man and a woman reaching toward intimacy, artistic truth, and a vision of community they can share. A significant piece by the first African American woman to have her work professionally produced on the American stage, Wine in the Wilderness uses laughter and straight talk to paint its own portrait of love and longing in turbulent times.

The play was good. Great performances by all.

After the play, I suggested we go to Krispy Kreme for dessert. When we got there, the store part was closed. Closed? (in the south, many KK's are open 24 hours) So, we head to the drive-thru. I hate ordering doughnuts at the drive-thru. I want to see 'em, sitting there in their little case whispering, "Pick me. Pick me." Well, we get to the drive-thru and the guy on the speaker barely speaks english. This was so weird for me. I expect to hear a southern accent coming from a KK speaker. McDonald's? Any accent will do. Krispy Kreme? It must be southern. So, after several attempts to explain what we want (Again, if we were inside...point, click, done!) we finally get our dozen assorted doughnuts (over $7...what are made outta gas?) and head home. They were real good but the whole experience left me missing the south just a little and thinking, "Toto, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore."

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