Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Two Hour Tour

Sunday, Sarah and I used our annual pass to take another Argosy Cruise. This one was a tour of Lake Union and Lake Washington. After hustling to get there on time because we went through Fremont (artsy community south of the zoo) during the weekend of the Solstice (translation: Fremont Freak Festival) and got stuck in traffic. We arrived just in time to be a little late. They held the boat and made the captain mad. Such is life. Once on the boat, we started to relax.
On this tour, we saw many spectacular Seattle sights. Some of the highlights include:

- Floating homes (including the one in "Sleepless in Seattle")
- A two story business that is actually a boat
- Bill Gates estate
- The neighborhood where Dave Matthews used to live (he lives close to us now)
- A houseboat that is registered as it's own independent nation
- Dale Chihuly's art studio
- Gasworks Park
- Seaplanes landing and taking off
- The 520 bridge undergoing maintenance
- The wetlands near the Arboretum

You get the picture. There's alot to see in Seattle. So far, my favorite cruise is through the Ballard Locks. Today, Sarah and her friends Heather and Debra were possibly going on the 1 hour Harbor Cruise. It really pays to have that annual pass. We have one for the zoo also. Unlimited fun for limited funds.

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Ash said...

I've been on that cruise! I remember seeing the Gates home. When I was at SWBTS, the summer before I joined Company, I was a PRAXIS missionary to Selah, Washington. My partner and I did our best to see all of the sights. Our host homes were not ideal and we got out a lot! I will never forget that summer. One day after we came home, we saw OJ on the LA freeway in his famous chase!