Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Surprise...for Sarah

Sarah's friend Deanna cooked up a surprise with some mystery people on Sunday night. All we knew was that we were to go to their house for dinner and that it was someone she knew that had moved out here. Sarah was convinced that she knew who it was and she was right. When we arrived her friends greeted her at the door and she yelled, "I was right!" It was her friends Darran and Li Er (pronounced Lee-air) who have been in Singapore for the last 8 years. We spent the evening catching up and eating a wonderful dinner. I'm sure Sarah is thrilled to have them close by.
When we moved out here I was the only one with friends nearby but my friends moved and now we're surrounded by her friends. What? Are all my friends afraid of the NW? C'mon, you wimps. Move to the Pacific NW. I dare ya.

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