Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Public Response to Art...Sort Of

It's been pretty interesting to note how many people refuse to commit to an opinion about my art. I get all sorts of things like, "Hey, I saw your art" but they never say, "Hey, I really like it" or "Hey, your art really sucks." I think their non-commital reaction speaks volumes. I think they don't like it but they don't want to hurt my feelings. It's too bad really. I'd love to have some genuine conversation about my art but not too many folks seem willing to have that conversation. Mainly I've noticed that Christians are sticking to the neutral response which doesn't surprise me. Some of my stuff probably seems challenging to the status quo. Truth be told, if they plumbed the depths of the message with me in conversation they might find that my seemingly irreverent art masks some pretty deep and profound questions about issues of faith. Non-Christians have been more engaging. At my opening in Wallingford last weekend, one fellow asked me if I was a Catholic. I responded, "No, former Baptist minister." He found this quite interesting and asked me alll sorts of questions. Another fellow looked thru my prints and asked me the meanings of many of them. After responding to several he said, "Wow, I have weird thoughts all the time but you get to turn your weird thoughts into art."
So, if you happen to view my art and don't really like it, don't be afraid to engage me in conversation about it. I won't be offended by you not liking it. I'd be more offended if you write it off without really understanding it. And if you do like it, you can let me know that too. A few kudos now and again can be good for the artistic soul.

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