Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Birthday of Bacon, Blood and Boisterous Bragging

So, it was a good day to turn 46. Both Sarah and I were off work so we started the day with a wonderful breakfast of waffles, eggs and bacon. After the meal, I opened my gift from my wife...the Droopy cartoon collection on DVD. (she knows me too well) About mid-morning, the UPS man finally decided to leave my purchases from Barnes and Noble (Christmas gift cards). He had declined to do so for 2 days prior despite my signature authorizing him to do so. So, I got 4 new CDs on my birthday. I hardly ever buy music anymore so it's a welcome treat.
We finally got ready and headed north to catch a movie. We saw Sweeney Todd. It's good but a totally different animal than the stage show. Boy, is the movie bloody. Sarah had to cover her eyes alot. The day before we saw Enchanted. Talk about one extreme to another.
After the movie we continued heading north to meet friends for dinner at Olive Garden. We stopped off for a couple of shopping errands then met Marshall and Joan for dinner. We used our gift cards that we won at Trunk or Treat so we had a good meal. We sat around and talked about the good old days. I guess that's a sign of aging. We had a good time though, laughing alot amongst the weird stories of days gone by. We topped things off by sampling 3 different desserts. That first bite of raspberry white chocolate cheesecake was heavenly. The tiramisu was awesome too. I skipped the third one, a chocolate cheesecake I think. But the rest made sure there were no leftovers.
We headed home fairly early to tend to our geriatric cats and hit the hay. Once home I was treated to an answering machine message from my old friend Todd who sang the bday song and called me an "old fart." Sarah laughed a bit too much at that one.
Today it's back to work and boring but healthy foods. My body is rebelling on me due to the rich foods I ate yesterday. I just can't do that anymore. It was a nice birthday but now it's back to reality. Thanks to all who celebrated my birthday with me in one way or another...especially Sarah. You're the best, baby!

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