Monday, February 18, 2008


Shadows Fall by Simon R. Green
"Shadows Fall is the place where all stories find their ending, all quests are concluded and every lost soul finds its way home at last. Strange people and stranger creatures walk the sprawling streets and there are doors that can take you anywhere, to lands that no longer exist and worlds that someday might. But now Shadows Fall in under threat and the town has just one night in which to save itself..."
Let's do I describe this? You've got a town full of legends presided over by Father Time, Jim Morrison is now named Sean and sings for the faeries, the Knights Templar try to destroy the town and Father Time's grandson must save the day. There's also a scarecrow terminator, clockwork automatons, the Wild Childe, cartoon animals, superheroes and...well it's just a confusing mess is what it is. On the cover it says that Green thinks this is the best books he's ever written. Think again, Simon. I prefer your Nightside series.

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Where o where have you gone? I miss your blogging!