Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Old Family Photos

While I was home, I went thru a bunch of old family photos with my mom. Alot of them were damaged during Hurricane Ivan and my mom just hasn't done much with them. I sorted thru them and brought a few home to scan and preserve. Here are the first ones I've scanned.
This is my dad's Air Force portrait and a picture of my mom at around age 17. There's no question where I got my good looks from. (not to mention my modesty) I'm also including a picture of how they look today. A few years older but cute as the dickens as far as I'm concerned. My Aunt Emily took this shot at the reception my mom threw for me and Sarah while we were home. It's rare to get a picture of mama when her eyes aren't shut. I think at this point she was exhausted from the party. Daddy said she worked her fingers to the bone to make that party a success...and it was a great party. I think it's my favorite picture ever taken of them.

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