Sunday, April 20, 2008

Visiting Granny

Today we visited Granny Gordon at the nursing home. She was happy to see us all and to finally meet Sarah. After we all arrived, we gathered in the community room for the singing. My dad and his brothers sing for the residents as often as they can. I didn't realize that it was just the boys up front leading. There's just something about the Gordon women and not singing. Up front this time around was me, my dad, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Terry recuperating from knee surgery and cousin Benny. We sang a bunch of old hymns and I sang a couple of solos. Me and my dad sang a duet on one song. In the picture it looks like I'm shoving the microphone in his ear but I promise that's not the case. It was nice to be there with the family and sing but my voice gave out a couple of times. I know everybody had a good time though and that's what matters. Sarah said that she and my mom teared up during one of my songs. I know that my mom and dad have been thrilled that we're finally visiting after so long. It's been a tiring but fun 2 days so far.
In attendance today were Uncle Jerry and Aunt Emily, Uncle Terry and Aunt Jodi, cousin Benny, cousin Gina and her oldest daughter Megan, Dad's cousins Pat and Bill (my childhood dentist) and Shirley, Mom and Dad, sister Cindy. and me and Sarah.
After we said our goodbyes to the relatives we hopped in the vehicles headed to the beach. Surf, sand and we come!

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