Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vacation... a tad over a week away. We fly out on the 18th for the hopefully sunny shores of the Gulf Coast. We both need a break in a bad way, Sarah more than me for sure. Of course, on the brink of our cross-country flight American Airlines is cancelling flights left and right. I hope they get it all sorted out before we leave. They managed to put a nice little damper on the first days of our Christmas trip. While home, my mom is having a casual reception for us. It's a kind of "two years later" wedding reception since most folks couldn't make the trek to Seattle for the big event. My mom has told me of a lot of folks who are coming. It will be nice to see everyone and introduce them to Sarah.
We're also going to take part in a gospel sing at the nursing home where my Granny resides. This is something my family does from time to time. They love to gather around the piano and sing hymns. Since Granny has been in the nursing home they have gathered there and played for not just her but anyone else who wants to listen.
The rest of the week we will spend at my parent's time-share on the beaches of Destin. We plan on shopping, swimming, taking a sunset dolphin cruise, renting some waverunners, eating seafood, playing Putt-Putt golf (a tradition) and spending a lot of time being lazy. I'm sure it will be glorious.

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