Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

Warning: Spoilers!
Sarah and I couldn't resist the hype so we hit the 3:30 matinee yesterday to see The Dark Knight. I enjoyed the movie very much. I was riveted to my seat (and I had to use the bathroom real bad) until the very end. Did the movie live up to the hype? No. Here's why.
I am not a fan of the first film Batman Begins. All the problems I have with it are based on my biases. Sue me. I can't help it. I hated the whole Ra's Al Ghul storyline. I hated Katie Holmes. I hated the way they portrayed Scarecrow. They didn't give Gary Oldman anything to do which is a crime. I saw it twice before rendering my final judgement. For me, it just wasn't Batman. It was closer but it just wasn't there.
I was, however, happy at the prospect of having the Joker in the next one but I worried about who they would cast. Eventually they cast Heath Ledger and I was like, "What?" Sorry. I didn't agree with the choice. Then they started showing us pictures of Heath in his Joker attire. Sorry but no. That's not the Joker. Even Jack Nicholson didn't have the look down pat. Maybe back in his One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest skinny body but not chubby Jack. Are you sensing that I'm opinionated about it. You betcha!
For me, up until recently, the best Joker interpretation in a comic was in The Laughing Fish storyline by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers. Recently I have read The Killing Joke and have revised my opinion. Joke is first with Laughing Fish a close second. So, needless to say, I am skeptical from the beginning. But I still give it a chance.
It's a very good movie. The story is captivating and dark. BUT...
- It's too long. They should have tightened it up.
- Maggie Gyllenhaal was better than Holmes but the character still left me cold. I didn't care when she died. I was actually glad of it.
- Michael Caine as Alfred. Give the man something to do.
- Ledger as the Joker was good. I enjoyed his performance more than I thought I would. Oscar-worthy? Nope. Did I get sold on the look? Nope.
- Batman's costume sucked. It's worse than Clooney's nippled job. C'mon people!
- What's with the whole Clint Eastwood with the flu Batman voice. Over the top.
Okay, that's enough negative. How about some positive.
- They finally gave Gary Oldman something to do. Bravo! Love that man!
- Eckhart as Two-Face was pretty good and they got the look right.
- Morgan Freeman could read the phone book and be captivating.
Okay, so I thought I had more positive. Sorry. So, in the end, I enjoyed the movie but it was still nowhere near what I think a Batman movie should be. One day I hope they get it right. I'll be waiting.

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