Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More Frustration

Today, I picked up the bulk of my art that has been on display for the past month in West Seattle. I found out that not a single piece sold. Out of the whole show of three artists, only one piece sold total. The economy may be hurting you but it's killing us artists. If it's between filling our bellies and the gas tank or buying art, art loses every time.
I don't make art to make money. Money would be a very cool thing and I welcome it with open wallet but it's not why I make the art. Sometimes I get a bit discouraged when I get news like today. I start to doubt myself and wonder if I'm any good. But I know I am. I have confidence in my talent. And I've had good feedback from folks whose opinions I trust about art. So, I have to keep my focus on the art and not get swept away by the business. Business will kill creativity if you let it.
I have a new show going up next week. Cross your fingers that some folks with disposable income happen to see and love my art. A few sales would help me buy some much needed supplies.

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becca said...

It's bad all around... Even the farmers/gardeners at the market are doing poorly!
The worst for us up here is the lack of tourists. People are vacationing close to home, not spending the CRAZY amount on gas to get up here.
I pray that the right people go to your next show! With money and a desire for your stuff.