Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Pharmacy is Open

Went to the doc yesterday about my sinus trouble. Turns out I do not have a sinus infection. She suspects I'm just having severe allergy reactions. I am congested, I have fluid on my ears and the inside of my nose is inflamed. I was given a new allergy medicine to try, steroids to shoot up my nose in spray form, drops for my ears, and a new medicine I wanted to try for my heartburn/GERD issues. The spray (for the nose) usually takes a few days before you notice the effects. So far, the new heartburn meds are doing great for gas but not so much for heartburn. I think I'll have to email the doc about that one or I might give my Uncle Terry a call. He's a pharmacist and knows his stuff.
On other fronts, I was congratulated by my doc for having lost weight, changed the way I eat, and using a Neti Pot for my sinuses. If we can get my gut and sinus issues situated I'll be in great shape. The only other issue we had to deal with was my ears. My left ear had tons of wax buildup (which I knew and couldn't get out myself) and my right ear has fluid built up. The doc tried to pull the wax out herself but it was so painful. I don't know what she was pulling with but it felt like she was sucking my brains out thru a straw. A nurse ended up flushing my ear and out it came. At least that ear feels better. The fluid will hopefully go away as the medicines take effect. We'll see.
It was pretty funny when the nurse came in to flush my ear. As she walked in the door, she dropped one of the trays and it bounced over and hit me on the leg. I told her if she was trying to jar the wax loose she'd have to go higher. After I gave her a hard time about that she loosened up and we joked thru the whole procedure. As I was leaving she was looking for my paperwork and asked if my name was Vicki. I said, "Do I look like a Vicki to you?" She said you never know. I told her to look for Robert. She found the paperwork and then I told her my middle name was Vicki. She had had a bad day so I was glad I was able to make her laugh. Apparently they had all had a bad day. I heard that they had to send many folks to the hospital that day and that other people who had to wait were getting angry. I'm so glad I don't work in the medical profession.

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adam said...

you're into graphic novels...ever read the watchmen? i haven't but know roughly what it is...i hear they're making it into a movie for next year.