Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ballard Art Walk

Tonight was the opening reception of my show at Velouria. Sarah picked me up at work and we headed over. We arrived pretty much on time...and then sat there. It was pretty slow. The rain seemed to give people pause. After a while, Phyllis showed up and then Mary. After we jawed for a little bit I suggested we walk around and check out some other art. On the way my wife found some shoes she liked so she bought them. What is it with women and shoes? We eventually arrived at Sev Shoon and Ballard Works, an art space I had heard about but never seen. Sev Shoon is a printmaking studio and there are art studios above it. I really enjoyed wandering thru there. We didn't have much time so we'll have to go back next month to really explore. Once again I was lusting after the studio spaces. It would be so great if I could take some printmaking refresher courses and perhaps get to the point where I could teach there. It's a goal. Something to shoot for.
We headed back to Velouria to grab our stuff and the place was pretty packed. While I was gone they sold 2 of my pieces. I think I've discovered the secret of selling my art. I need to not be there! Perhaps I'm off putting because I don't look artsy enough? Oh well, whatever. I hope they sell them all over the course of the month. That would be amazing.
After that, we went to Starbucks for a bit. Mary is a night owl but none of the rest of us are. We sat around chatting for a bit but then headed for home promising we'd see each other at church in the morning.
A slow start but it turned out to be a fun night of art and hanging out with friends. Very cool!

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Cassie said...

Sorry we missed it! We were tired after working at the church building all day. Glad it went well!