Friday, August 08, 2008

Weird Day

Yesterday was a weird day.
It started when we got up and my wife went looking for our cat Mickey. He's been a bit under the weather of late so we've been keeping an eye on him. She found him curled up in the closet. She thought he was dead. He wasn't. He was sleeping very hard with his eyes open. He does this from time to time. She had never seen him do this so it freaked her out.
Work was crazy too. I don't want to mention what happened on my blog but you can ask me about it. It wasn't anything bad...just one of those crazy life things. Because of it, I ended up working a 9 hour day.
After that we went out for pizza and arrived too early for a friend's art opening. Sorry about that Laurel.
I hope today is a bit less eventful. And by the way, Mickey seems better today.

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