Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sick Mick

If you don't mind praying for animals, say one for our cat Mickey. He's been under the weather all week. He has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and has been on chemo for over a year. He has lived past what the vet has said and has generally been doing well. This week he's been lethargic, has had some balance issues, and yesterday his eating decreased. Sarah is going to take him to the vet today.
We can't help but think it might be close to the end. We know it's coming but it's still hard. We want to keep the little guy around as long as possible. We had to have Max put to sleep a couple of months ago so it's constantly on our minds. We really hoped that both of them would just fall asleep in a comfy spot and not wake up. Having to have a pet put down is hard.
Pray for us too.

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