Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Childhood Fears

I was just listening to a podcast that mentioned a guy who saw The Shining when he was 6 and it scarred him for life. Well, when I was little, I saw a movie that scared the crap out of me. You can watch the trailer above.
When I was growing up, our local CBS station had a daily movie at 3 pm called The Big Show. When I got older I loved watching the old horror movies they showed, especially the ones about radiated creatures growing in size and demolishing cities. But when I was wee tot, I was at my Aunt Betty Lou's house with all my cousins and 20,000,000 Miles To Earth was on the tube. I'm sure my cousin David was the one watching since he was the only one old enough to really appreciate that sort of thing at the time. I didn't see the whole thing but I saw enough to freak me out. From that point on I was convinced there were giant monsters roaming the earth seeking out cars to step on or houses to smash. I thought at any time a giant foot could come crashing in on us from the outside. I'm not sure when this fear abated but it scared me for quite a while. It made me not want to play outside. I also remember there was a truck commercial on at about the same time that had a giant stop-motion monster in it. That just added to my being convinced that they were real.
Eventually I grew a bit older and actually embraced the monsters that had scared me so badly as a child. Ray Harryhausen, the man behind the Ymir in the above mentioned movie, became a hero of mine. Now that I am older I no longer believe in giant monsters. There are scarier things to fear nowadays.


Anonymous said...

That is just the coolest movie! I can see why it was the topic of many a nightmare and fears. Loved the special effects not bad for the era. Reminds me of Godzilla, minus the missed cued voice overs! The monster vs elephant was awesome. Do you know if it's available anywhere? There's a video store in the U-district that has rare and unusual, may need to check into their archives. Thanks for sharing.

goob44 said...

It's available at Amazon.com - here's the link to it

It is a classic. Harryhausen was the man

Mark Bushor said...

It was this Christopher Lee crap that sent me home squealing like a school-girl. I couldn't handle the blood in technicolor, I suppose, lol.