Saturday, August 30, 2008

Queer Arty for the Straight Marty

We went shopping yesterday to find me some clothes that would be more dressy and, dare I say, hip for art openings, band gigs and the like. Apparently it was the right day because I found 7 shirts (2 of which are not contenders for Thursday night's art opening) each under $10. We also bought a pair of dark jeans (apparently more hip than light) which I found to be a bit to baggy and low riding when we got home. We are going to Old Navy downtown this afternoon to see if we can find a pair in my size. If not, I guess I'll wear these.
So, which shirt do you like the best? I know these aren't the best pics in the world but we are talking about turning a sow's ear into a silk purse your best.


goob44 said...

#2 & #5
Tiny stripes aren't my cup of tea

Mark Bushor said...

Top two. Black always does it.


Unknown said...

The second shirt has that "I'm tortured and artistic and cooler than you" vibe while still being approachable and saying "sure, I'll take your dirty money for my artistic soul."

Because we all know that black is the new pink.