Friday, August 22, 2008

It Didn't Feel Like Church Today

"Too many well-meaning Christians confuse worship with a "feeling." If you "feel good, feel blessed, felt God's presence," then it was "great worship" and participants walk away feeling blessed (hear *energized*). However if the feeling isn't there --"it didn't feel like church today"-- then they'll walk away feeling short-changed. Either God wasn't there or the worship leaders were inept. And we all know that God won't catch the flack."

Here are some great comments from my friend Mark who is celebrating a birthday today. Having been a worship leader (and still doing it a little bit) I've heard these comments (and worse) before. I can certainly relate with the fact that God isn't the one who's going to catch the flack. Perhaps worship leaders should wear a flack jacket to repel all the negative comments they receive.

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