Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas with the Lost Dogs

Last night we drove up to Lake Stevens to see the Lost Dogs in concert. We picked up Phyllis at 5:40 and we didn't get there until 6:30. Coming home it only took about 25 minutes. Seattle traffic sucks.
We met Marshall and Joan there. Sam ended up coming too and he brought his 5 year old Max. He emailed me today to tell me that Max drummed all the way home and than again when he woke up this morning. He loved watching Steve on the drums.
The concert was good. I think they were better last time I saw them. They seemed a bit reserved this time. They were having sound and tuning problems and seemed a bit frustrated about it. (Been there, done that) But, all in all, they never disappoint. Good music, funny stories, and relevant yet irreverent spirituality...that's the Lost Dogs for you. I hope they keep coming back to the NW.
Bonus: When we dropped Phyllis off she presented me with a Lost Dogs shirt. She had bought it for me on the sly. She's awesome. Love you, Phyllis!
Aside: Before the concert, one street over from the church there was a house that turned on it's Christmas lights. It was so remarkable that it got everyone's attention. After the concert, we drove over to take a look. It was amazing. Pictures don't do it justice. This one shot is from the lobby of the church. I shot some video but have no way to edit it to a point where I can put it online. I'll just say it put the Griswold house (from Christmas Vacation) to shame. We all thought they were calling the Mothership.
PS: The pictures suck. I can never get good pictures at a concert.

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