Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'll Be Homebound for Christmas?

We are now entering our 7th day of snow. Last night we got an additional 2 inches. Right now, it appears to be transitioning to rain. If the temps rise enough and it rains enough, maybe we'll be able to participate in our planned Christmas Eve activities. We had wanted to go to church at 5 and then head to a party we were invited to. We'll see what the weather does over the next few hours.
Seattle obviously can't handle something like this but they have made the situation worse by being just plain stupid. In their lame attempts to be "green" they have refused to use salt on the roads. Their answer for plowing is to just smooth the snow down which just makes it slicker. Seattle: green but not so bright.
Sarah and I are going a bit stir crazy. I finally went back to work yesterday and, when I got home, we walked up to Fred Meyer to buy The Club. Basically, it's only a visual deterrent but it helps us have a bit of peace of mind after our vehicular violation. Anyway, back to stir crazy. Sarah's in worse shape than me since, in a week's time, she's talked to me and our apt. manager...and that's it. She really, really, really wants to get out tonight for church and partying. Here's hoping we can.

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