Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow and More Snow

We have about 6 inches now and they are saying we might get another 6. I find that hard to believe...a foot of snow in Seattle? I guess stranger things have happened. This weather is supposed to hold until temps start to come up later in the week. I'm so glad we didn't go to Iowa again this year. I'd hate to have had to deal with all that snow again. Sheesh!
Sarah seems to be having some bad reactions to the pain meds (nausea, itching). We talked to the nurse and she is switching to just Tylenol and Benedryl. I hope that does the trick. She's basically sleeping alot.


Stacey said...

Great pics; Seattle made GMA again this morning and thought of ya'll. I'm wondering if Sarah was on Loratab after the surgery? I was and was sick as a dog...had to go back to the ER after 24 hours of reactions. Still praying.

becca said...

Lovely pics of Seattle. Made me miss it! Which is silly, 'cuz the snow kinda looks like here! LOL
Yikes. I'm so sorry about the meds. I have always had horrible reactions to medications. I took myself off the percocet they sent me home with- made me nauseous, and I felt like I was in a fishbowl... I started taking ibuprofen instead.
I hope it gets better.