Monday, December 22, 2008

Grand Theft Auto...Sort Of

Yes, someone tried to steal our jeep. I came back from my walk and discovered it. No telling when it actually happened. I don't know why they didn't go thru with it. Perhaps they couldn't move it due to the snow or maybe it didn't start. So, they couldn't take the jeep so they went thru everything in there to try and find something of value. Well, bad luck for them. We keep nothing of value in the jeep. They ended up stealing a pair of $3 sunglasses and a flashlight that's pretty old. However, in trying to take the vehicle, they busted the lock on the driver's side and tore off the ignition cover. Luckily, the jeep still starts. We are hoping, if the weather and roads are clear enough and Sarah is feeling better, to go to church on Christmas Eve and attend a party or two.
We've really been getting clobbered lately with crap. Gallbladders, vet and doctor bills, bad weather and now this. I hope our luck changes for the better soon.

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