Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I was challenged by Squidbag to list 17 random things about myself. I got nothing better to do so here goes.

1) I have a scar on my chin from when I fell in the nursery at church. I remember my Nana offering me a cracker to try and get me to stop crying.

2) I used to perform with a lip-syncing group called "The Grandsons of the Pioneers." We did songs by The Oak Ridge Boys and the Imperials. As corny as it sounds, we had at least one paying gig and won 2nd place in a lip-syncing contest at the mall.

3) I don't like tattoos of any kind on anybody.

4) I never, ever skipped school.

5) The most memorable concert I've ever been to was Boston when I was in high school. Sammy Hagar opened up for them and nearly stole the show but Boston took the stage and totally kicked ass.

6) I never watch network television. I gave it up a year or so ago. I watch movies and shows on DVD and that's it.

7) I miss laughing. I don't laugh as much as I used to. The people that I know out here don't have senses of humor that match my own. I miss just sitting around, being crazy and cutting up.

8) After the party celebrating the completion of my performance thesis at seminary, myself and 2 friends hid in a garage and smoked cigarettes.

9) I have always had the dream of being the lead singer of a heavy metal band. Unfortunately I don't have the vocal chops or a body suited to spandex.

10) I don't like shallow relationships. If someone doesn't want to go deep, I really don't want to waste my time with them. On the other hand, I don't allow people to get close because I'm tired of being disappointed's probably a no-win situation.

11) I think Back in Black by AC/DC is possibly the most perfect rock and roll song ever produced.

12) I love to fish even though I haven't been in years. There's just something about sitting on a boat out in the water with nothing but your thoughts. It can be nice.

13) My favorite television show of all time is The Andy Griffith Show. It's timeless and hilarious.

14) I love to explore abandoned spaces like old houses, the forts on Pensacola Beach, buildings, tunnels, etc. I am even more excited to be there if I have my camera.

15) I love telling people at my art shows that I used to be a minister. I usually get a strange look followed immediately by, "Oh really?" It's fun to mess with people.

16) When I was a kid, the first thing I can remember wanting to be was a zoologist. I loved watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. After that phase passed, all I ever wanted to be was an artist.

17) I have never been into videogames but if I had Guitar Hero, Rock Star, or Area 51 at my house you'd probably never see me again.

Okay, so now you know more about me than you've ever imagined you would want to. I'm not going to tag anyone. If you feel like doing this, do it and have fun with it. If not, c'est la vie.

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