Monday, December 01, 2008

You Can't Take It With You

Sarah and I saw You Can't Take It With You last night down at Seattle Rep. Before the show, we wandered around Seattle Center taking in the Christmas lights and toy train/village they have set up. It was very foggy that you couldn't see the top of the Space Needle. Spooky!
The show was fun...a madcap comedy from the 30's. I didn't get the meaning of the title until the third act. Grandpa talks to a worldly businessman about what's really important in life. Is it about working your tail off, risking your health to make more and more money or is it about family, having just enough, and having fun. That's a no-brainer for me, folks. In a world where store employees are trampled to death by a crowd wanting a $400 plasma TV, this is an important and relevant message for today.


adam said...

not to mention opening at 4 am! keep preaching! amen, brother!

Anonymous said...

I know that third pic is supposed to be a kid making a snow angel, but at first glance, I thought that the other kid had taken him out with a snowball!