Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, church and the party were cancelled on Christmas Eve so we took a long walk in the neighborhood, played Scrabble, ate the traditional Christmas lasagna, watched Charlie Brown and the Grinch, opened one gift each and then went to bed.
On Christmas day we opened presents, ate the traditional Christmas stollen, and braved the snow to have Christmas dinner and play Cranium with the Lawrence family. Since Sarah hadn't been out since her surgery, she was dying for some company other than me and the cat. We were all pretty stir crazy. We had a great time and only got stuck out in front of their house.
Today, the snow has turned into rain and should stay that way for the next few days. Hopefully this white stuff will be gone pretty quick. We're now on day 9 of snow for Seattle. That is too long. And speaking of 9 days, starting Sunday I'll be off from work for 9 days. I'm not going anywhere...just sticking around here. I have to work on my stuff for the collage book I'm going to be in and I hope to find some adventures to get into. I'll let you know if I do.

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the photo is very "A Christmas Story"... hey, friend me on myspace...