Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz (Audio)
"The lead character is a short order cook who sometimes has prophetic dreams and can see and communicate with the dead. He also can see evil entities lurking about, which usually mean something bad is about to happen. Such is the case in this book. Where he may usually only see 2 or 3 at a time, he starts noticing tens, then hundreds, many hanging around one new strange visitor to his small desert town in California. His investigations lead him to connect this man with a terrible dream he's had for some years about many people dying, but his dream did not give him all the details. Follow him as he tries to pinpoint the tragic event, saving as many of his loved ones, friends, associates, and townspeople as he can. Hold on to your seat - and your hanky. You'll need it."*
I liked this book! (Thanks Becca) It had a supernatural flair without being overly weird, great, lovable characters, a good story and a sad, yet satisfying ending. I shouldn't be surprised. I read Koontz's Watchers when I was in college and fell totally in love with the boy and his dog. I guess I'll have to investigate more Koontz in the future. And, of course, I suppose I'll have to read the sequels to this one. Guess that brings my list of books to read to an even million.

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becca said...

Watchers is still my favorite Koontz. I think I'm a sucker for the dog, but the monster in it made so much sense to me and was sad as well as evil...
Warning: The Odd sequels are worth reading, but just not as good.