Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Birthday...Geek Style!

Yesterday was my 45th birthday. Here's the lowdown on the celebration.

Woke up. Opened cards and gifts like it was Christmas morning. I got money (always good) and the new King Kong DVD. (Thanks baby)

Went to church. Found out about the whole Super Bowl/church fiasco. Class was about sloth/acedia. Kicked my usual.

Laid in a supply at the Chinese buffet. Good stuff.

Went to the Science Fiction Museum at Seattle Center. I thought it might be rinky-dink but they have quite an impressive collection of stuff. Geek drool gathered at the corners of my mouth as I laid eyes on the Loader/Alien Queen from the movie Aliens. We saw tons of cool stuff and will go back for sure. If you're ever in Seattle and are a sci-fi geek, you must go.

Went to Half-Price Books and found a few things. I basically went there to satisfy my birthday shopping jones so I could get more bang for my buck.

Came home, got a free pizza from Stacia's and watched Damien: Omen II. (My wife has been curious about those movies so we're watching them)

It was a good day. Perhaps next year my birthday won't be on Super Bowl Sunday and we'll know more people so we can have a party. But not at church.
That would be illegal.

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becca said...

I didn't even know about this sci-fi museum! How could I have missed this? okay, I may sound over the top, but I'm serious here. We lived there how long and I didn't get to go?? I would have loved it and dragged my husband along. We got to do so many cool things there. I'm sad we missed this one, though...