Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Wibbly Boat

February 19th is our first anniversary so we celebrated by doing the Royal Argosy dinner cruise. Basically it was a super nice dinner on a boat cruising aroung Puget Sound. We both got all dressed up and embarked on our grand adventure at sea. The food was excellent. We started with drinks and the Warm Crab Dip. We also had this excellent bread with a sun-dried tomato spread. For dinner we had the Wild Chinook Salmon and dessert was a Raspberry Mousse Cake. We had a good time. Sarah had a glass of wine and I had a Magnolia Rita which had raspberry liqueur in it. It was quite tasty and seeing as how I don't drink much and we were rolling around on the boat I got, what Sarah calls, a little "wibbly." At one point, I was taking pictures of my spoon purely for entertainment value. It was quite a good laugh...for her. They had dancing on the second level but when we passed thru I noticed the band was quite cheesy. I believe they were in the middle of "Margeritaville" and only one couple was dancing. (You know the ones...they have a bit too much to drink and are hanging all over one another just kinda wobbling back and forth) We also ventured out onto the deck for a looksee but it was quite chilly and rainy so we were only out there long enough for a picture. So, a very nice evening for the Gordons. Definitely a "country goes to town" moment for us but I think we managed it quite nicely.


Cassie said...

Happy Anniversary! Do we get to see the spoon pic's? :)

Mark said...

I'm telling the Baptist Police! They don't allow "wibbley."

LOL. Definately kidding. There's a whole lot worse than an occasional drink or fine cigar! ;-)

Blessings bro,