Monday, February 05, 2007

Separation of Church and Football?

Did you hear about this? The NFL has prohibited churches from having Super Bowl parties. Geez. Am I off my nut or does this seem a bit odd?
My involvement with the story begins in church on Sunday. Our pastor got up and began to outline the events as they unfolded. I thought he was kidding. Turns out he was not. In the end, our church decided to have the party but were doing their level best to stay within the guidelines provided. I can't forget how defeated our pastor looked though. He looked as though he had been betrayed by a friend. And I suppose this isn't a bad analogy. For people of faith who are and have been sports fans for years and years, it is a devastating blow.
If the NFL was smart, they would change the rules to include churches and do some kind of fence mending to repair their tarnished image. If church people were smart (and had the discipline to do so) they would boycott the NFL and not watch any games until the NFL decides to, so to speak, play ball.
I do not enjoy watching sports but, alas, many folks love sports so much (to the point of it being idolatry) that they could never give up watching. My dad, however, (pending a report from me about what actually happened) said that he would never watch the Super Bowl again. My dad loves football but he means what he says. And besides, he still has the college games.
In honor of my dad, Go Gators!

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