Monday, February 19, 2007


War of the Worlds: New Millennium by Douglas Niles
The premise of this novel is what if H. G. Wells martian invasion happened tomorrow? Would our advanced technology fare any better today?
Although it kind of petered out at the end, I enjoyed this book. I'm a huge fan of War of the World what-ifs and alternate histories. I'm also a fan of apocalyptic stories. I'm not sure why. Anyway, this story was pretty good. I thought the techno aspects might outweigh character but that's not the case. I found the characters likable enough to pull for them in the end. That's an important aspect to story for me. I need to care for the people. If I don't care, what's the point? If I'm not drawn into their fate, I'm going to have a "let 'em die" attitude and that's no fun. (except at horror movies where the horny teenagers tempt fate and deserve to meet a gruesome end)
So, if you like end-of-the-world, alien invasion stories, give this one a try. It was, what they call in the biz, a good summer read.
Yes, you can wait for summer if you want to.

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