Friday, February 23, 2007

Phil Phaux Pas

We all know I enjoyed the concert. But there were a couple of annoyances that I must report here. We all know I'm so tolerant of such things. (HA)
Before the concert, I was talking to some friends about Keaggy and this dude in his 50's with a ponytail is sitting in front of me. He turns around and starts telling me "all things Phil." Well, I've been a fan since high school and I know the essentials. This guy is some uber-geek Phil fan (Phil Phan?) and starts throwing stuff at me that I already know. Then he brings up the whole urban legend about Jimi Hendrix being asked, "How does it feel to be the greatest guitarist in the world" and Jimi answers, "I don't know. Go ask Phil Keaggy." Well, this rumor has never been confirmed and even Phil Keaggy himself doesn't believe it since Hendrix died before Keaggy started recording with Glass Harp. So, I tell this guy it's an urban legend. Wrong thing to say. Oh my...I have offended his hero. I don't mind if you're a music geek or a sci-fi geek as long as you have one foot in reality. This guys feet were firmly planted at the altar of Phil.
Later, after Phil played about 1.5 hours, he informed us that he'd be back after a short message from the pastor. I thought, "Oh it is. The unavoidable Christian concert mini-message." And sure enough, that's what it was...right down to the whole cliched concerned whisper voice that pastors use when they're trying to sell the Gospel. You know the voice...where it almost sounds like they're ready to cry because you're headed straight to hell in a handbasket. Ugh. I hate that crap! And besides, I paid money to hear Phil not this guy.
Christians hate it when you put them in a box...but they fit so nicely.

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jon p. said...

urban legend for sure. do a web search and you'll find that quote attributed to any number of guitarists. when i was in high school, the legend going 'round was that it was eddie van halen who said it.

why, oh why.