Sunday, May 13, 2007

ArtWalk Report

The Good
All in all, it was a positive experience. The match up between my art and the business I was in couldn't have been better. Kerry and Wade were great to work with. My art will be on display at Insurrection Vintage/Fickle Fanny's until they ask me to come get it.
Quite a few folks trickled through over the weekend and I had a lot of good comments. I also talked with a fellow on Saturday that coordinates art shows and print exchanges that might be a good contact for me. I will investigate further over the next few days.
I also found out on Saturday that my art will stay on the event website forever. That's great.
The Bad
I didn't sell anything. Wade talked to someone at another business and they said numbers seemed down from last year. That's a bummer.
The Ugly
Most people were quite nice but we had one lady who was...well...rude. She breezed through rather quickly and on her way out she looked at Kerry and I and said, "So-so" while making the little so-so gesture with her hand. I laughed about it but I think Kerry wanted to strangle her. Ah well, you can't please them all.

Special thanks to all my friends who stopped by to take a look. You guys rock!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the enjoyablility of the art show, the networking connections, the continued exposure!

Wish I could've stopped by, purchased more of your art... I would buy more, but for the green.

Ah, well. When I am queen of the world, I will press you into service. You will be the court's royal artisan.

Anonymous said...

marty's art and cowboy boots. together at long last.

becca said...

Well, yay for the contacts! That's definitely worth doing the event...
Sorry about the no sales. :(

We also had one very rude person- except she didn't comment about our stuff, was just horribly rude to the owner of the shop 'cuz Joann couldn't remember her name or where she'd seen her before... Yikes! What an ego! I couldn't believe how awful she was to Joann! Hope I never see her again, although if I do I'll definitely remember her! 'That horrible woman" probably won't cut it with her, though...