Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Writer's Group

I've been hoping for a long time to hook up with a writer's group. I spotted an ad in a neighborhood paper regarding interest in starting one. We emailed around and finally found a time to meet. Last night was our first critique of our work. I must say I left encouraged as the guys had some very good ideas regarding some children's poems I let them read. Rick had written a cute children's story and Ted submitted 2 chapters of a sci-fi book for tweens. Both of these guys are very talented writers. Ted has done a lot of writing. He's written a few Star Trek novels for the YA crowd and he has a resume chock full of TV and film writing. He's written for shows I used to watch as a kid. If you want to check out his stuff, go here.
So far there's only 3 of us but we hope to generate some more interest and have a couple more people join us. If not, I hope the 3 of us will plug along. I know it will be beneficial for me. If anything, it will keep me accountable and, hopefully, keep me writing.

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