Friday, May 11, 2007

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Okay, we have these friends who just moved into a condo. They've been in them a couple of months. He goes out of town and she gets invited to dinner by her neighbors.
We've been living in this building for 2 years now and when you say "hi" to the neighbors they act like you have a huge horn in the middle of your forehead or something. I said "hi" to the new girl that moved into the studio apartment today and she looked at me like, "What planet are you from?" There's this one older woman who jumps everytime she sees me. She's seen me in the building for 2 years! I know I am a big guy but I'm not that ugly, am I? I am not a serial killer. I am your neighbor!
Seattle is going to Hades in a hemp handbasket.

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becca said...

It's just the Northwest, my southern friend.
I was disturbed at how many people I'd never seen in my life kept wanting to speak to me during my time in Fort Worth... Or how COMPLETELY uninterested they were in my response to their question, "How are you today?" I don't ask that unless I actually want to know! Why would anybody ask that when they just want to hear, "fine"?? South and Northwest are REALLY different in the whole 'speaking to strangers'/greeting thing.
I don't know... I've probably been totally affected and changed by my time down there in the south (I know Texas is not the TRUE south, but it's the closest I got to living there)'cuz I'd have been okay with talking to you after 2 years...