Sunday, May 06, 2007

Free Comic Book Day II

Sarah and I walked to the local pub for a burger and Cinco de Mayo Margarita last night. After the meal, we waddled over to the place where I'm displaying my art this weekend to touch base on a few last minute details. Following that, we stopped by the comics shop to see how FCBD was going. By this time, they were begging us to take them so they could get rid of them. We grabbed a couple of handfulls and, after stopping for ice cream, headed home.
I love living in a neigborhood where you can walk and do alot. If we just had a decent bookstore and a movie theater, we'd be set. We have everything else. Within walking distance of our apartment we have our vet, the library, a number of coffee shops, several pizza joints, a pub or two, ethnic food out the ying-yang, antique shops, a couple of okay bookstores, a comics shop, 2 grocery stores, 2 drug stores, Blockbuster, a toy store, a thrift store, McDonald's, and a Fred Meyer dept. store. And that's just scratching the surface. With gas prices soaring, it's time to brush off the loafers and do some hoofing.

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